If you’re an established entrepreneur or CEO struggling to rally and align your team, recruit and retain top talent, get partners and vendors on the same page, and stay focused when scaling, you need a Vivid Vision®.

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In this Vivid Vision® Consult, we will…

Why Entrepreneurs/CEOs Use Us

To Help Bring Their VISION To Life

We’re the only licensed company in the world to help entrepreneurs/ CEOs with the Vivid Vision® Process


Companies Helped

We’ve helped over 550+ companies 1:1 to
clarify & communicate their Vivid Vision.

We surveyed over 450+ companies, and 90% said they struggle to articulate the vision and direction of their company.



A study of 183 entrepreneurs found that entrepreneurs with a clear vision grew more than double those without.

Here’s What Some Of Our
Clients Had To Say….

Much thanks and appreciation goes out to Jennifer Hudye of Vivid Vision for helping to bring my 2020 Vivid Vision to life.

It was super cool to come home from vacation and see this amazing canvas poster waiting for me that has the K2 core values on it. Very cool. If you would like to start making your business dreams come true, start by getting clarity on where it is you want to be.

Kris Kaplan

CEO of K2 Coaching

After months of struggling to finalize my Vivid Vision on my own, Vivid Vision made it easy, fast, and fun. The way Jenn pulled the vision out of me initially was an amazing process that brought me into the future with clarity, beyond what I could have possibly done with any other copywriter I could hire for this. I was thrilled to see it quickly come to life after that. I’ve always recommended doing a Vivid Vision for any serious entrepreneur—now I always recommend having Vivid Vision write their Vivid Vision.

Dmitry Kozlov

Chief Expression Officer, Influex

The Vivid Vision team was incredible to work with. Everyone went above and beyond to deliver a stellar product. I felt like everyone I worked with really got my vision and made it more clear than it was before. The Expander Session was a deep dive into all the things that I want to accomplish, and the questions helped crystallized my big vision. Then, the copywriter put that into words in the Vivid Vision document and just knocked it out of the park. The icing on the cake was seeing it come to life in the design. The designer definitely got our brand and put together a beautiful document that I can't wait to share with the world. I am more clear on where we are headed than I ever was, and now I can communicate that clarity of vision easily with our whole organization and get everyone in alignment with this vivid vision. Thank you so much!

Tonya Turrell

CIO of The Launchpad

You absolutely have to get your Vivid Vision done.

[Jennifer Hudye] has this really cool process of bringing your vision to life. In your head you might be clear about your vision, yet there always seems to be this disconnect when talking to your team about it. One of the hard things with team members and getting people on board is that a lot of the times they don’t understand where they fit into that. That’s the mistake I was making, because it was never in writing. I called Jennifer and her team and spent 2 or 3 hours, literally got to hop on the phone and they asked me a series of questions and then they turned it into this [Vivid Vision]. I love saving time.

Billy Gene

CEO of BillyGeneIsMarketing.com

I would recommend them to any business owner who is contemplating doing a Vivid Vision

Vivid Vision did a great job of capturing what my vision is for my company and making it more vivid than I could imagine it myself. The copy was well written and the graphics and layout were very professional.

Denice Gierach

Founder of Gierach Law Firm

Everything about the process was absolutely spectacular.

I’d heard about the Vivid Vision and I kept putting it off because I was busy being in the business. I wish I had done it a long time ago. I’d recommend to every entrepreneur that they do it sooner rather than later to put them on the right path. After just a few phone calls the Vivid Vision team took the vision in my head, put it on paper, and made it super clear and fun.

Tina Anderson

CEO & Co-Founder of Just Thrive

They are experts in what they do.

Instead of asking “How do I create my Vivid Vision?” ask “Who can I hire to help me create my Vivid Vision?” The Vivid Vision team made the process so simple and are exceptional to work with. We couldn’t say enough great things about them!

Brittany Anderson

Director of Operations of Sweet Financial Services

Dr. Zac Watkins

Founder & Functional Medicine Doctor of Livewell Clinic



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